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We are driven by this purpose, and we uphold our cultural values of collaboration, innovation, wellness and inclusion as our guide for making decisions and conducting business every day.


MIR is a consulting company that thinks outside the box and disruptive solutions. Each employee of our company is focused on a career that promises commitment and dedication. This will also simply bring remarkable excellence in each valued client.

Through the creative and innovative solutions that we offer, we believe that we can bring accountability and empowerment at every level. Our team will also promise you a supportive environment. The impressive thing about us is that our facilities blow off the steam. In any method you believe will eliminate stress in your company, we will focus more on it and we will exactly provide you the benefits

Our Highlights

Business Transformation

  • Our company is more entirely focused on business transformation. We seek balance both in technology and business towards a specific and unified goal. Our limitless capabilities enable us to be different from other companies in the industry. Through our collaborative and consistent working model, we believe that it will strategically put transformation to achieve the best business performance. We will continue on our priority of simplifying everything just for you.

Effective Solution

  • Backed by our customized development engine, it will thereby be an effective solution for bringing digital experience and architectural design. Even an end to end seamless integration will be incorporated into the most complex enterprise systems. Our staffs will deliver the best and most personalized experience across different touch points.

Testing Services

  • Our portfolio also includes testing services such as execution, planning, test strategy across user acceptance, integration, development, post production and business readiness environments. Our services have also been enriched with an automated and manual testing. This will bring in continuous and consistent user experience across different platforms, devices and network conditions.

Key benefits

What Sets Us Apart from Others?

MIR is different from others in the industry because of the following reasons:

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We aim to try for newer things and we best simplify things for the sake of the end-users.

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We are sincere, honest and authentic. We also aim to do what exactly is right for the clients and business.

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We promise respect through the workplace and through all employees and clients.

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Positive Influencer

All we aim is to bring positivity among our employees. We promise only work-ready attributes and all smiles for the guaranteed satisfaction of our valued clients.

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Go that Extra Mile

Our company is taking accountability, reliability and ownership to meet the standards and expectations of our valued clients.

Our teams will structure the best method and consultation strategy that will help enhance the experience of clients. We will also effectively blend the best method and the best project management. We will also empathize with the requirements of clients and we will best define the specific problem areas. We will test them in real time and we will transform vision into such a reality.

Now, would you like to consult with our team of consultants? If yes, never hesitate in calling our team of representatives and in visiting our website for more information!

Frequently Ask Questions

How can we find proper consultant for our business?

Our approach creates an intentional experience to increase your business uptake at all critical touch points.

What is the main sourch of the business of Rich Company?

We carry the same enthusiasm to our clients, their environment, and our work. Our collaborative working model not only fosters long-lasting relationships.

Why should we press Get a Quote button?

One of Canada’s Best Managed Companies avidly focused on transforming visions into reality, increasing agility, and creating exceptional experiences.

How can we find proper consultant for our business?

We start empathizing with your user’s requirement and thought process to define the problem areas,followed by ideation,testing in real time and finally transforming vision into reality.

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