Network Services & Testing

MIR sees the network as the platform for all business communications and functions.

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Network Services & Testing

Balancing technology and business pressures is indeed a constant challenge. In addition to that, you really have to improve the overall operations by way of reducing risks, lowering costs and enhancing the customer experience. In keeping updated with the best technology evolution, it is also difficult retaining and hiring expertise and right skills. Moreover, significant trends continuously change in the field that includes mobility, big data and IOT. All of these could bring a huge impact in the ability of delivering on the bottom line, winning clients, reducing risks and growing revenues.

MIR sees the network as the platform for all business communications and functions. It must provide such a strong point of difference through security, scalability, flexibility, availability and performance. The impressive thing about us is we provide only the most exceptional, most contextual, simplest and personalized experiences for the clients.

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced team will do more than just creating plans and implementing them. We take pride on taking the time to value and to understand the specific needs of clients including their requirements. We will execute the best method on how each particular element of network will operate. This way, you will get the most from our IT related investment.

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Wide range of network

We have a wide range of network services and testing expertise in the implementation and design of campus environments, high-speed networks, wireless networks and remote access solutions that include:

  • remote access solutions
  • business requirement assessment
  • IP address planning and architecture
  • Prior to the tools that we utilize for our network service and testing solutions are hardware-based. In addition to that, we provide testing over various protocols in order to verify the system and network performance. Actually, the tests will provide real-time loads that will help ensure the integrity of the load balancer, firewalls, domain controllers and storage systems.

    The software and hardware solutions that we provide will help ensure a repeatable and reliable load testing service. Being a consulting firm, we will also suggest of the best tools in testing the integrity and stability of the network system components.

    The network services and testing we offer is the most thorough and most robust performance testing services that can be found in the market. As to this service, it will enable verification of network components and will include support. We will help you more prior to your requirements.

    Through the network services and testing we offer, we promise you the following things:

    • Support for the sustainability initiatives
    • Achieve the balance of all reliable and dependable sourcing options
    • Create a more virtualized operating environment that will help drive more efficiency
    • Reduce complexities and costs and improve security and processes
    • Achieve network performance that will exceed expectations and will promise the most maximum business continuity
    • Support your Productivity-enabling applications and adoption

    Feel free to contact us for more information about network services and testing that bring significant and good results in the long run!

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